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• Small vintage leather business shoulder bag " NOAH, " crafted from rugged hide to create a style statement and comfort for the user. Embossed with a 3D logo SAVAGE HIDE, comfortable enough to carry around the shoulder, from the young brand manufacturer Savage Hide. Appropriate for men’s leisure bag, commuter bag, courier bag for hanging and vintage tablet bag.

• ORGANIZER: It has 1 x main compartment | 1 x small zipped compartment | 1 x pocket for keys or smartphones up to 5 inches | 1 x large secondary compartment under the flap | 1 x pocket on the back | 1 x zipped pocket on the back. Adjustable shoulder strap (75 - 150 cm).

• Dimension (L x B x H) 19x6x24 cm| Weight: 500gms | Material: Cow Leather| Model: NOAH | Manufacturer: Savage Hide

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Real leather, natural & sustainable

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"Noah" vintage leather business shoulder bag from the young brand manufacturer Savage Hide. 
NOAH is designed to provide a complete handy business shoulder bag which has space for your everyday office needs. Handcrafted with love from premium quality leather, professional craftsmanship and modern vintage character - the SAVAGE HIDE, shoulder bag is the best proof that small is the current trend setter. It has a main internal space, with a small pocket and zipped pocket. It also has a zippered compartment in front and insert pocket both at back and front in addition to the main storage space and not to forget an adjustable shoulder strap. Stylish leather strap for comfortable use. Vintage leather business shoulder bag crafted with finesse and perfection, used primarily as men’s handbag. The business shoulder bag is secured with magnetic roller buckle on a leather flap, has plenty of space for storing keys, wallet, smartphone and tablets. NOAH is best accompanied on the way to the office or in your leisure time – the fine vintage leather bag adds on to your style with formal and semi-formal attires.

Advantages of the vintage leather business shoulder bag NOAH at a glance:
- It has 1 x main compartment with 1 x small zipped compartment
- 1 x pocket for keys or smartphones up to 5 inches
- 1 x large secondary compartment under the flap 1 x pocket on the back
- 1 x zipped pocket on the back. Adjustable shoulder strap (75 - 150 cm).
- Color deviations and scratches emphasize the naturalness of the real leather.

19 CM
6 CM
24 CM
500 GM


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Czech Republic

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Great Britain

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Rest of the World

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Sustainable leather bags in harmony with the environment.
Naturally inspired, Vintage designs.


With an inspirational story behind every product. When designing our bags, we take inspiration from nature and make sure our products are customer eccentric

Our trademark: 'Of the occasion' By the occasion' 'For the occasion' with a combination of Classic & Vintage design. Our Products have a long sustainability. That is our claim and our inspiration for every single bag.

100% Genuine Leather

All SAVAGE HIDE products are made from 100% real leather - you can trust that!

For our leathers - We only choose the by-products from meat production, so that we are responsible for sustainable use.

Each SAVAGE HIDE bag is therefore a genuine natural leather product.


Another advantage of real leather: its durability. Thanks to high-quality workmanship, your new leather bag will accompany you on every adventure - and that for many years!

Our bags are durable & long lasting which is an important contribution to sustainability. Our robust products can be used for many years, and has an excellent history to share over a period of time.


As a start-up based in INDIA, we make sure that we select the correct partner companies for business cooperation.

We make sure that our production facilities are certified according to ISO's.These certificates are internationally valid seal, which ensures that fair working conditions are observed.


Sustainability - from our point of view, retaining and using it for many years.

Our responsibility for our customers: after sale service and communication - even after the purchase! We rely on providing solutions & repair service as we believe..Mending is better than ending!


Commitment and social action matters for us. We see it as our duty to do good for ourselves and better for the next generations

So that our children can grow up in a sustainable and natural world, we have decided to take our hearts in hand. Our moto: A certain percentage of our sales in a year as donations towards charity!

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