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As a brand manufacturer and leather expert, we at SAVAGE HIDE are your point of contact for all tips on all aspects of leather care and cleaning. For all questions about your leather bag, we have summarized the most important information in this leather guide, so that your new bag stays as beautiful as it arrives at you! Almost always useful: impregnate the leather bag. In general, treatment with a colourless impregnation spray makes sense. This is how you protect leather bags - whether smooth or suede - even better against moisture and dirt.

Important tips for impregnation:

Even application:

Impregnate the entire leather surface as evenly as possible - it is so difficult for light soiling!

Give time:

Leave the impregnated leather bag a little so that the agent is completely absorbed. This is the only way to achieve the desired waterrepellent effect - goodbye to unsightly water stains!

Good to know:

Remove coarse dirt before impregnating
The great thing about it: The impregnation of the leather bag not only protects against rain, but also from the sun: You can also prevent the bag from being bleached by UV rays by impregnating it. This way you keep the color of the bag longer. Leather grease as an insider tip - not just for cleaning!
If individual areas of a smooth leather bag become dry or degreased over time due to heavy loads and are therefore brittle, we also recommend a leather grease that you can buy online or in drug stores. A soft cloth helps to gently apply the leather grease and to optimally clean and care for your leather bag.

Especially in combination with an additional impregnation, you offer your bag effective all-round protection.

Real leather needs really good care. We recommend colourless leather wax, which is ideal for all smooth leather products: as a cleaning agent for accessories such as bags, belts, boots and shoes, as a care product for car seats, leather steering wheel and motorcycle clothing, as a polish for furniture, leather sofas and couch and for treating leather clothing, lederhosen and leather jackets.
The natural leather wax is a true all-rounder for all leather products that deserve the best care! Treat the bag regularly with leather balm or bees wax to make the leather supple, protect and impregnate it. In leather specialist shops you will also find mild leather cleaners for suede that you can either spray on or leather.

Enough theory: clean the leather bag - this is how it works!

All theory is gray. In practice, there are a few tricks that you should definitely pay attention to when cleaning the leather bag. Experience has shown that it is always best to follow the instructions on the packaging exactly and to apply the respective product carefully to a small and inconspicuous area (for example on the floor) in order to avoid undesirable darkening or other colour changes. You should follow this advice both when greasing and when impregnating.
How do I care for real leather? Get started right away with these tips! Has your handbag got dirty, your shoulder bag not waterproof or a stain on your leather shoes? Do not worry -Here again the most important things in short form:
  • Impregnation: Often the first and most important step - recommended by the brand manufacturer SAVAGE HIDE! You can find special sprays for suede and smooth leather in specialist shops
  • Insider tip leather balm with beeswax: Inexpensive, available in many places and versatile - our insider tip for smooth leather
  • For coarse soiling: carefully remove dirt and stains with a soft brush and, if necessary, with a little water - the leather is happy
  • Suede is demanding: be careful with grease and soaps - clean with special brushes if possible
  • Be careful with soaps: too much acid damages the leather - please be careful!
  • Give enough time to dry - preferably in the fresh air
  • Practical tip: Apply any leather care product slowly, carefully and initially to an inconspicuous area
By the way: Nobody knows our bags as well as we do. From the design to the leather used to special care instructions - if you have any questions, just give us a call or send us an email. We would be happy to advise you - whether before or after the purchase!
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