Brand Story

The brand "SAVAGE HIDE" founded by Amit Dasgupta, vows bags for all generations. Right from the start, Savage Hide relied on to craft highly fashionable, luxurious and affordable products with the use of natural and very high quality leather. Each masterpiece is created passionately by our innovative designer and skilful crafts men suiting for the best functionality. Our products are 'of the occasion', 'by the occasion' and 'for the occasion'.

Our comprehensive collection of leather products includes Leather wallets for men, ladies purses, card holders, Handbags, Business & Office bags, Shoulder bags, Leather folders, Leather Belts, corporate gift items etc. We specialize in Men bags including messengers, crossovers, briefcases, weekend bags and biker wallets.

Wolf & "Savage Hide": The inspiration

"I believe that a wolf demonstrates a distinctive relationship to successful leadership in the world of business today, and if you too believe in what we believe, then you too would be successful," Amit Dasgupta.

Wolves have the courage to stand out:

A wolf is fearless, never hides, and refuses to bow down to any other creatures. If you too have the guts and courage to stand out for yourself, fearless against all odds, then you too possess the quintessential quality of being a wolf, who has the powerful ability to face every obstacle and take down enemies.

Wolves are protective and caring:

Wolves are remarkable leaders, loyal and territorial in nature. They exist to protect their pack and will not hesitate to die when required in anticipation of the slightest danger for their loved ones. The alpha male guides the pack for exploration, teaches them how to hunt for the pack and most importantly the art of survival is also taught. If you own the primal quality of leadership, and take care of others well-being, then like a wolf you too are a guardian and a natural born leader.

Wolves are true to their nature and are synonymous with freedom:

Wolves are untamable wild creatures, unapologetically savage and never change its true core in order to survive and hide away from its potential predators, unlike chameleon, who camouflages to hide out. Wolves can't be chained down and mistreated, they symbolize freedom. If you too, defy the societal rules and choose to be your true self, then you own a very fundamental quality of a wolf of being a free spirited animal.

The lone wolf:

We often hear the phrase, "The Lone Wolf", an expression of grudging admiration. A lone wolf is a rugged, uncompromising and independent individual, driven to forge his own path. Likewise is the story of Amit Dasgupta, the founder of the brand "SAVAGE HIDE". With an in-depth experience of more than twenty three years in the leather industry, driven by the spirit and passion to create and deliver intelligently crafted yet highly functional handmade leather bags for both men and women, for his brand "SAVAGE HIDE". Rightfully justifying the tagline of "JUST LEATHERKRAFT" and nothing else.

The Collection:

The wild, vintage, tough and unapologetic savage nature has been reflected by the leather we use. Being connected with nature, we use all earth colors in shades of Cognac, Brown and Black. The bold, yet beautiful bags are a style statement in itself. They reflect the magnificence and strength similar to a wolf. Our creativity is limitless and the rugged poetic imagination has been expressed in our bags. The leather bags from our house are flawlessly beautiful, and are a result of extensive research about elegant styling, natural colors, functionality, correct proportional sizes, carrying compatibility, in other words a perfect place where art meets science and finesse.

Sharing Knowledge:

Wolves communicate, collaborate and share knowledge, the aged hunters of the pack teach hunting strategies to the younger ones and bestows them with the unique culture of the pack and in the process they share their legacy. Likewise is the story of the founder Amit Dasgupta, who has efficiently passed on the knowledge and skills along with the uniqueness of "Savage Hide" to his worthy heir, Arijit Dasgupta, streaming a smooth flow of legacy down the ages.

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